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For founders, by founders. We believe in smart capital.
Because only a few line items in the cap table really matter.

Our Team

A diverse, international and experienced team with over 15 years of management experience.

Cross-industry & geography expertise

50% U.S. | 40% LatAm | 10% Other
30% SaaS | 30% Marketplace/Logistics | 20% Fintech | 20% Other

Our Value Proposition

Whether your company is achieving great traction or
thinking of pivoting an idea, we're here to help.

What our portfolio companies say

No need to hear it from us.
Reach out to them directly to hear how we differentiate.

"Diego has been a great person to bounce ideas on and get feedback from. He was the first one who truly believed in us. He was my first call when we got the news of additional funding! "

Bernardo Aceituno | CEO & Co-founder

"Vicente and Diego are truly inspirational. No matter whether we grew 30% or had a difficult month, we knew we could come to them for advice, at the end of the day, they are founders too."

Camila Gonzalez | COO & Co-founder

"Epakon is always ready to support us, whether its talking about debt or analyzing retention cohorts. Manuel and I feel truly privileged to work with Vicente and Diego to build a lasting, impactful, but above all category-defining business."

Roberto Smith | CEO & Founder

"Beyond an investment, Epakon provided us with fundamental knowledge about positioning and scaling a startup. We communicated over Whatsapp and I knew Diego was always one phone call away."

Juan Pocaterra | CEO & Founder

"The Epakon team was knowledgeable about guiding us to a successful fundraising round, including how to set up the data room and what investors cared about at the seed stage."

Pancho Uzcategui | CTO & Co-founder

Let's Build. Together.